Interior Painting:

Invite us inside, share your vision, and we will use our skills and quality products to transform your space!


Owner, Kenny Presley, began making Florida even more beautiful when he started Weston Coatings Group interior and exterior painting in Daytona Beach in 1978. The company started by painting high end residential properties, and quickly built such a strong reputation for quality work, impeccable customer service, and a dedication to overall excellence.  It didn't take long for word of Weston Coatings Group's reputation to win them large scale commercial, healthcare, and government contracts.  Whether you are looking for interior or exterior, residential or commercial painting, Weston Coatings Group has you covered!


Welcome Jerry Armstrong
We are excited to have Jerry on our team full time now! Jerry has been helping us part time for many years, but he has taken the plunge, and become our official CFO. We couldn't be happier to have full access to the wealth of knowledge and professionalism that his vast experience in the field has awarded him.





Weston Coatings Group in Daytona Beach

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Whether you are looking to hire a professional team, or you just need a little inspiration, we keep a beautiful gallery of our projects! Click here  and enjoy!

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Exterior Painting:

No job is too big, and no color is too bold! Weston Coatings Group is ready to give your space a fresh look!



If it doesn't move, paint it!